23 August 2010


I'd like to introduce you to STUMPY, my tatted bookmark (pattern is by the very talented Kersti Anear http://www.kersti.com/). I tatted this as part of a monthly forum challenge at http://www.tattingforums.com/forums/, and I am also cheating (a little) and calling it a "motif" so it also qualifies for part of the 25 tatting motif challenge (motif #12).

20 August 2010

ThreeSixFive Challenge - July Pt 2

Here are the remaining July photos for the challenge. I have decided it is tough doing the challenge, producing one photo a day. I'm finding that I am now just taking photos for the sake of keeping on top of the challenge rather than being creative with photography. I will continue for as long as I can with this year's challenge but won't be doing the challenge next year.

14 August 2010

Tea Cosies

I just completed two tea cosies from an absolutely wonderful book called "Really Wild Tea Cosies" by Loani Prior. Loani has two tea cosy books out but I fell in love with so many of the cosies from this book. Here is her blog http://wildforteacosies.blogspot.com/

Whilst I do use a teapot, the two cosies are going to my husband's work colleague..... What an excuse to make another tea cosy - this time for ME.

Here is Elfin -

..and I would like to introduce Pedro

07 August 2010

Autumn Leaves

Something very different for me. A "messy" watercolour, titled Autumn Leaves. To add contrast I decided to attack the painting with indian ink and then splatter the ink over the finished painting.

06 August 2010

Depth of Field

Today I played with depth of field and aperture levels on my DSLR. I am very pleased with this photo; the focus is quite sharp with narrow depth of field.

02 August 2010

Motif #11 for 25 Motif Challenge

I completed motif number 11, a tatted maple leaf, with thanks to Tammy Rodgers for her pattern which is available here .