10 August 2016

Snow Drops lace mat

13 November 2015

Rapport Liliac Mat

This was an enjoyable, stress-free piece of lace to make, albeit took a long time to complete because it was hidden in a cupboard. Unfortunately the photo does not pick up the bling silvery - lilac gimp.

11 December 2013

Photo Competition

I entered the above photo in the Eureka Skydeck competition and I CAME THIRD!  It was one of two photos I submitted (I actually preferred the other photo of Flinders Street Station in B&W, but that didn't get a mention).  I forgot about my submission until I received an email saying they chose this photo (along with 12 others) out of the hundreds they received.  Not only will my photo appear in their 2014 calendar but I won a dinner for two on the Tramway restaurant.

09 December 2013

Tea Cosy

Recently I enjoyed a High Tea at a quaint old shop and they served their tea in a teapot (naturally) covered with handmade tea cosies.  Well, I just had to duplicate the tea cosy, which was not a complicated process, and viola, here is the outcome.  It is virtually the same tea cosy apart6 from the colours, with the same buttons and pattern.  All in all, it took about 2-3 hours to knit and sew.

26 September 2013

Wedding Horseshoe

My gorgeous friend is getting married tomorrow and always prefer to give something handmade rather than bought, so here is a very simple lace horseshoe for her.  I'm not sure if this type of thing is her "cup of tea" but we will see.  Here's to a long and happy marriage to the couple!

25 August 2013

Christening Lace

A lot time in the making but I finally completed three metres of christening lace (bobbin lace) using the Springett's christening lace pattern.  Whilst there was not a great number of bobbins, the lace took hundreds of hours to make because of the length.

My next long term project will be wedding veil lace.

21 July 2013

Sock Along, Week 3

Ah, the heel is complete.  Thankfully when wearing my socks you won't see it!  One side looks fine, the other side, mmmmmmmm better to not comment !

Great Gatsby Wedding

I attended a Great Gatsby wedding shoot yesterday and here is one of the hundreds of photos I snapped.  I generally don't review my photos taken at a shoot for a few days, I find I critique them better if I leave them sit for a while (so the momentum, or excitement, has waned a little).

The lace on the dress and the parasol was magnificent, not sure if it was hand or machine made, but in any event the bride looked stunning.