28 March 2006

Australia wildlife #2 - Possum

The second in my Australian wildlife series. I remember walking home from work one night and coming eye to eye with a possum on top of a brick fence. They are beautiful creatures (guess they're not though if you live in the inner city). Mind you, I think all creatures are lovely EXCEPT for spiders.


A DD challenge - to draw someone in flowing clothes. I wish I remembered the 60's and 70's - I would make such a wonderful hippy.

24 March 2006

Australian wildlife - Kookaburra

I decided to do a study on Australian Wildlife starting with a remarkable bird, the Kookaburra. A magnificant creature with a stunning beak and even more stunning voice.

Colour Study - red

A study of the colour red

16 March 2006


A DD challenge is to draw something made from stone. Can't go past STONEHENGE.

15 March 2006


A DD challenge is to draw something to do with an airplane. I decided to draw an Emirates plane - we went overseas last year with them and they were such a fantastic airline. I could not fault them and I am in fact looking forward to flying with them again!


A DD challenge was to draw an eye. Here is one in both watercolour and pencil.

13 March 2006


BLACKPOOL - one of my favourite places in UK. Very tacky. And they made a TV series on the place. What more can I say - must visit.

01 March 2006

A watercolour/pen drawing of cheese.

Red Bluff

This is another watercolour. I went to the beach where I grew up, southern suburbs of Victoria, and took a photo of Red Bluff and then painted the picture at my art class. I entered this in my first art show this year (2006) and it did nothing! Nevermind, I was still quite excited about entering it.

My Tooth

I drew this as part of the DD challenge (my favourite group as it motivates me to draw EVERY day). The poem is something I remember from childhood.