18 July 2007


Here is another vase I finished through Joggles - I really enjoyed making this vase, I like the skeleton leaves and fibre, and grey netting and............


Here are some figurines I made with a Paverpol-like mixture. As can be seen by the photo, they are hanging from my ceiling. They represent two dancing figurines.

13 July 2007

LP Bowl

Here is a fruit bowl made from an old album/LP - I threatened to use one of my husband's albums, must to his disgust.

Anyhow, I got the idea from a You-Tube site, and this was way too easy to make (in fact all the kids made one too).

05 July 2007


Here's an ATC I completed today - the background was done through a Joggles Class.

02 July 2007


Here is my finished project with some inchies from an inchie swap. ANZ Art has very talented ladies, some of whom participated in this swap and I thank you for these wonderful inchies. My canvas will always remind me of this group.