12 February 2012


Last week I spent a few hours as the infamous surf beach in Victoria, Torquay, which is past Geelong.  Whilst it was a chilly day there were some brave souls surfing and swimming the beaches (what I like most about Torquay is there are two beaches - a swimmers beach which is rather "calm" and a beach for surfers).

11 February 2012

Handspun - Merino/Milk Top with Bockens 35/3 Linen

This is the second month of working through Jacey's "Spin Art" book and this month's fibre is AUTOWRAP.   My spinning wheel has an outie which makes the process a little more difficult but I am still quite happy with the end result.  The lovely 80/3\20 blend of Merino/MIlk top is again from "Ewe Give Me The Knits".

08 February 2012

Jerry The Giraffe

Another CAL completed - this challenge was on Ravelry and Sharon's awesome design http://laughingpurplegoldfish.blogspot.com.au/.  Gerry is a crochet giraffe in Magnum acrylic and I think he is just gorgeous.  He has a lovely chain mane which unfortunately you cannot see in this photo.

03 February 2012

Handspun - Polwarth/Bamboo and Merino

I am still spinning madly for my next venture - a handspun vest.   Here are two yarns I recently completed - each weighing 200 grams.

The first one is from EGMTK  http://www.ewegivemetheknits.com/store/Default.asp and it is A Polwarth/Bamboo Top plied with Woolznyarns South Armerican Purple Merinohttp://woolznyarnz.blogspot.com.au/.
The second fibre is Woolznyarns Merino plied again with the South American Merino.