21 August 2011

Knitted Hat

Finally made something out of the handspun Corriedale yarn. Here is a knitted hat using DROPS 85-12 pattern nib. I modified the hat closure as I didn't particularly like the DROPS top and preferred a rounder finish.

13 August 2011

Curly Scarf

These types of scarves are the latest trend with knitters. The yarn I used was Panda Sashay which is a polyester blend (basically it's got netting on one side and a more dense binding
which is used for the curling effect) - the Panda wool has glitter in this binding. Rather than knitting this yarn, I wanted a curlier effect so I used double crochet in the netting.

07 August 2011

Cropped Vest

Here is a little vest I just finished knitting using a variety of yarns (I cheated, I bought the various yarns together in one yarn! - if that makes sense). I wanted a neutral vest to wear over long sleeve tshirts, hence I knitted this vest to my own pattern (which of course I didn' think to write down).

04 August 2011

Carrickmacross Lace

I attended a one day Carrickmacross workshop at our Lace Guild quite a while ago and here is my second piece, mounted on a Torchon lace mat. I really enjoy making Carrickmacross and have an excellent instruction book by Mary Shields which guides me all the way.