30 April 2011

Art Yarn - Thick 'n Thin

Had a play with some wonderful fibres from Kathy http://www.kathysfibres.com/ and spun thick 'n thin, using Jacey's video for guidance. I really enjoyed spinning this, although it does take a lot of practice to get away from even spinning, which is drummed in to every Spinner when they first learn the craftr.

23 April 2011

Basketweave Hat

I knitted a beanie for a friend's birthday; quite a while ago he asked me to knit him a collingwood beanie and I really struggled with this however this is the closest I could get to that team's beanie using their colourway.

BTW I made the pattern for the beanie myself using basketweave for the body of the hat. The pattern can be found here at

22 April 2011

Using the art yarns I recently spun at Lexi's workshop I made an art yarn scarf, bound together with silk thread.

I have already received some lovely comments on it; in fact one person asked if I would make some more and sell them to her for her business - unfortunately I just don't have the time at the moment to make more, but I will consider her offer in the future.
Close up:-

21 April 2011


Travelling through Victoria, past Beechworth I spotted a humbling reminder of the horror hundreds of people lived through; remnants of the bushfire still present.

First Editions Merino

I finally finished spinning and plying 250 grams of First Edition Merino. The colour is lovely, and quite different from what I am usually attracted to. I'm not sure what I will knit from this yarn, perhaps it will just hibernate with my other yarn for the moment.

13 April 2011

Art Yarn - plied with Silk thread

I spun this art yarn with a scarf in mind. But I think I may have changed my mind - I'm now thinking of (bring them back in to fashion, and hope it's not a fashion faux) - LEG WARMERS!!!

Back to the yarn - it's an odd mixture of bits and pieces plied with Japanese silk thread.

05 April 2011

Branching Out

The Sketchbook challenge for the month is "branching out" and it came quite easily to me. I just used the tutorial from the previous month and just altered it slightly. Drawn with watercolour crayons and ink.

03 April 2011

Photography challenge

I'm struggling to keep up with my photography challenge, one photo per week (it doesn't sound like much). I'm savng madly for a new lens so am rather unmotivated at the moment. Here are a couple in the meantime