28 July 2009

Irish Crochet

Here is my disappointing attempt at this month's IC challenge. No more said.

I knitted an "Adipose" toy for my children, whom are besotted by Dr Who.

Adipose were a race of humanoid blobs of fat. Young adipose were hand-sized marshmallow-shaped beings, composed almost entirely of fat. They had two eyes and a mouth and webbed feet/hands.

21 July 2009

Stainless steel yarn

I discovered some absolutely gorgeous yarn, mixed with stainless steel by Habu. The SS is almost invisible but it gives body to the yarn, whether you use it for knitting (I am currently making a jacket with this with two different colours - black and a brown) or even lace (I have a white cone for lace). When the knitted garment is complete, you just "scrunch" the garmet into shape.
The yarn is available in wool and stainless steel or silk and stainless steel.
It inspired me to attempt to spin my own - I found a supplier of the steel I just now need the time to experiment.

20 July 2009

Fingerless mittens

Here is a set of fingerless mittens I finished making today with gorgeous handspun Angora/Silk/BFL - it is so soft. I slightly altered the pattern by adding crochet to the beginning. OMG, who am I kidding - I have no idea what I was thinking of but I actually forgot the ribbing at the start thus my amendment. Pattern by Ada Troxell.

08 July 2009

Crochet of the Month - July

Woo Hoo - I've completed seven months' worth of challenges (i.e. two crochet squares a month). Roll on December when I can finally assemble the quilt/blanket/whatever-it-will-be.

03 July 2009

Sock KAL

I am participating in an exciting Safari Sock KAL and received my gorgeous kit today which included a cute stitch marker. I hope I can keep up with the other participants, but I certainly won't be stressing if I'm a little slower, with so many WIPs on the go at the moment I don't seem to be completing much.

New spinning wheel

Couldn't help myself, I purchased another spinning wheel. This is a Wee Peggy (from New Zealand) and it is the cutest little wheel. I just love it, however I haven't had a chance to spin on it yet. I know there won't be a problem because the previous owner looked after it extremely well and most people who have a Wee Peggy admire their wheel.

Crochet beaded bracelet

This is a bracelet I completed yesterday (very quick and easy), using lapis lazuli chips mixed with standard glass beads. I then threaded these beads onto wire and crochet one-two beads per stitch.

01 July 2009

Bargello case

For something a little different from me - some needlework. Here is a bargello sunglass case I made using tapestry wool. This was a very easy project, all that is required is some sort of legend/map for the design.