25 August 2008

White Flower Necklace

I just completed a gorgeous crochet "White Flower Necklace". I slightly modified the flower so it looked more "flowery". Unfortunately the necklace doesn't hang that well on the pictured bust , but the stems and leaves hang down and it looks lovely on.
Thanks to Creative Yarn for being so generous in supplying the pattern.

24 August 2008


A friend and I spent last night on the town. We went out to dinner and then went to see WICKED - one of the best musicals I have seen in a long time. What a spectacular musical with creative backdrops and costumes. The show certainly puts a different slant on "The Wizard of Oz" but it fits in oh so nicely..

I can't wait until they make it into a musical.

PS - They killed the wrong witch!
PPS - Witches Rule!

21 August 2008


Here are matching bolsters I recently made for my bed. They look much nicer IRL, with the lace complementing the calico and fabric. The patterned fabric shown on the frill is also on each end of the bolster.

19 August 2008

Happy Birthday

I received a gorgeous bunch of flowers from my girlfriend for my birthday on the weekend. It's the little things that count - she remembers after all these years that tulips are my favourite flower. We have been great mates for many, many years - true friends are worth hanging on to!

18 August 2008

Handspun Mohair

Here are two handspun balls of mohair. The one on the left is plied with wool and the handspun on the right is pure mohair (ouch, very itchy!)
The handspun was completed as part of a spinning SAL - now to find a project to use the handspun.