30 January 2012

Handspun - BFL and silk

I managed to spin just over 1 kg of the most gorgeous and soft BFL and silk in a couple of weeks - I cannot remember the last time I spun so much and in 30+ degrees heat! The fibre was purchased from  http://woolznyarnz.blogspot.com/ where I purchase the majority of my yummy fibre.

It was glorious to spin, although I did end up covered in silk fragments which I just brushed off and spun.   My intention is to knit a hooded vest with this yarn.

25 January 2012

Art Yarn - Textured

Recently I purchased Jacey Boggs' new book "Spin Art" and her group on Ravelry is working through the book, one yarn per month.  

The first yarn is "Racing Stripes" and I enjoyed spinning this yarn so much that I did it twice - I am hoping to use the yarn from Jacey's book in a vest so will be attempting to use similar hues/tones (greens/blues/purples) for the spinning along. 

10 January 2012

Street Art/Graffiti

I spent a wonderful day in the CBD yesterday, getting there at 7.30am, to take photos of various alleyways in Melbourne including infamous lanes such as Hosier and ACDC.  Here is the result of my fruitful day.

09 January 2012

Weave It Loom/Weaving

I spent a wonderful day at the Victorian Handweavers and Spinners Guild learning to use a "Weave It Loom".  Whilst fairly simple to set up and weave, I did find it time-consuming. 

My first square was with sock yarn and turned out very open weaved and really quite useless for anything. The second square was with thick and thin textured yarn and was aesthetically more pleasing but also firmer in texture; the only problem with the second sample - very difficult to weave due to the thickness of the yarn (a slighter thinner yarn would have been perfect).  Whilst Weave It Looms are vintage, you can make one yourself and there are a couple of sites on the internet which show you how to do it.  I think even I could manage hammering a few nails into a frame (perhaps picture frame). 

05 January 2012

Lerderderg Gorge

Just got back from visiting a local State Park - Lerderderg Gorge at Bacchus Marsh.  Whilst there wasn't a great deal of water there was enough for the kids to have a play and get wet.
(From a website) the Lerderderg River rises in the Great Dividing Range and has cut a 300 metre deep gorge through sandstone and slate, almost bisecting the park. The park has a wide variety of vegetation and wildlife and some interesting relics of goldmining.   Lerderderg State Park offers a true bush experience. Walking is the best way to get to know the park - there are several tracks for a range of walks from short, easy strolls to strenuous overnight hikes for experienced bushwalkers.