24 September 2009

Tatted Celtic Knot Pumpkin

I tatted this pumpkin using thread from 1970s which was just "lying around". In fact, I chose this thread as part of a challenge and then Ruth Perry kindly provided me with the pattern and thought they would be the perfect combination.

20 September 2009

Tatted Motifs

Here are two examples of small tatted motifs; the first is a beaded tatted dragon which I completed as part of a tatting challenge, and the other is a very quick motif which I could have made larger by continuing with the rings and chains (but decided against it, only because there are a lot more tatted patterns I want to complete).

18 September 2009


Completed my WICKED top in the most glorious Noro Garden Silk Lite (wool and silk). It was beautiful to knit and I love the colourway (although it is now discontinued). Whilst I don't intend wearing this top next to skin, I will wear it over a long sleeved t-shirt.

15 September 2009

New Tatting Shuttle

Hedre is a stunning handmade Goddess tatting shuttle I received from Noreen http://www.crone-findlay.com/Crone-Findlay-Creations-Tatting.html She is extremely clever, making different types of shuttles including dragons, however the Goddess caught my eye.

14 September 2009

Retro Handbag

This is my recently completed retro handbag. I intended to put silver chain as the handle, but couldn't find anything suitable. Once I do find the chain I will substitute the black handle for it.

12 September 2009

Felted Hat

I knitted this hat in Bendigo's Rustic wool. It was gigantic until I felted it (intentional) and now it is a lovely firm hat with a brim which can be worn either up or down.

08 September 2009

Crochet of the Month - September

Completed this month's crochet-along. Just a few more months and then I will be hard at the assembly of the quilt.

07 September 2009


Another photo challenge, this time the theme is "Fruit" and for something different I altered the photo to get this interesting effect (reminds me of something Andy Warhol would have painted).


Here is my entry in a photo challenge "Tranquil'. This photo was taken at Werribee Beach; a nice beach to visit but not to swim/

06 September 2009

Colour Pencil Art

Dug out my Prismacolors today and did a little more on my Cat colour pencil drawing. All in all, it should have around 30-50 layers by the time of completion (which is a way away). It's a slow process, a WIP (work in progress).
I mainly use watercolour in art as I love the "free" nature of the WC, however for something a little more intense color pencils are the right medium for me.

04 September 2009

Felted bag

I participated in the Ravelry She-Knits KAL and here is the finished product - a very thick, felted bag with pockets on the outside (and inside). I love the colours, the wool felted superbly (Rustic from Bendigo Woollen Mills).