27 June 2011

Arm Knitting - scarf

Thanks to the wonderful inspiration from Teresa at Dairing http://www.dairing.com/ and some awesome (old) notes from the Marta's yarns, I successfully made a scarf by arm knitting. It certainly isn't as complicated as I thought, and oh so quick. To get this really long, and cosy, scarf it took me probably 15-20 minutes. Once knitted, I then (tried to) felt it in the washing machine (having a front loader, makes felting very difficult).

22 June 2011

Recently I discovered an Australian aromatherapy company whose products and oils are the bedst I have come across. I recently attended one of their workshops and we made mouthwash and tooth powder with all natural ingredients (and a little alcohol!). Making your own products not only allows you the opportunity to see all the ingredients but in the long run, it is very economical. Next on my agenda is homemade shampoo, conditioner and face cream.

There website if anyone wants to have a little browse is http://www.amazing-scents.com/.

Anyhow, I don't think I am breaking any trade secrets, here are the recipes for the mouthwash and tooth powder -
Mouth wash
1 tablespoon vodka (no drinking it first!)
12 drops peppermint oil
10 drops spearmint oil
8 drops lemon oil.
Shake it.

Tooth powder
1/2 teaspoon Himalayan salt (love this)
2 tablespoons bicarb
3 drops clove
1 drop cinnamon
7 drops lemon
7 drops peppermint
7 drops spearmint.
Mix together

21 June 2011

Fairy Floss

Well not really, but it certainly looks like it. I received these lovely goodies from SPIN FUSION http://www.spinfusion.net/and the "fairy floss" is actually merino, tencel, bamboo, faux angora, firestar and angelina (I think I'm in heaven). It is part of a WIZARD OF OZ Spin-Along and I chose the Glinda, The Good Witch pack. There is also some pearl beads, sequins, ribbon, gorgeous stitch markers and a really sweet Glinda magnet. I'm really looking forward to putting on my thinking cap to see how to incorporate all the add-ons.

20 June 2011

Coode Island

It was a 5.30am start but the photography groups managed the early morning (and dark) start and bused it to Coode Island to take some photos of Melbourne's skyline and port not only in the dark but at sunrise.

Queens Park

Photography has been my life of late - and all other crafts have been put on the backburner.

I must say I really enjoyed our night photography assignment at Queens Park. Here I attempted to pan vehicles to get the light trail. I also learnt to shoot in low light using a tripod and NO flash - amazing how some of the photos actually turned out (much brighter than IRL).

I have learnt a tremendous amount at the photography workshops and would highly recommend the course, if you live in the vicincity and like photography, the Club - details can be found at http://essendoncameraclub.org.au/

10 June 2011

Pipemakers Park

As part of a photography expedition we visited a historial park surrounded by Maribyrnong River. There was so much to see and snap; I even attempted (and fell in love with) panning. We also photographed gorgeous models at the park, however unfortunately I cannot share these photos as there was no waiver form signed.