15 July 2012

Cork Noticeboard

This is a quick and easy cork noticeboard which I made a while ago; the most time consuming part was collecting the corks.  

Using PVA (my favourite friend) I glued clean, used corks on to sturdy masonite/board.  I chose a chequered type pattern but you can use any design you like.  I then painted some varnish on top to "protect" the cork, and here is the noticeboard  complete and ready for use.

01 July 2012

Blooming Flowers Crochet Cushion

Well it took six months but I finally finished this crochet cushion by http://attic24.typepad.com/weblog/blooming-flower-cushion.html/.  The reason it took me so long was I took a hiatus for a month or two (or even three) to try to locate a round pillow insert - they are IMPOSSIBLE to find.  Last week I decided to bite the bullet and make one which turned out OK, after all you are not going to see the insert because the crochet cushion will hide it (?right). 

The pattern was very easy with clear instructions and the wool I used was from Bendigo Woollen Mills.