25 July 2006


Yes, another DD challenge - a globe. The countries look a bit skewif but I'm going by memory (which obviously isn't that great).


Another Daily Drawing prompt - a bookcase. However this looks NOTHING like my bookcase which is full to the brim with books, magazines etc. Not as tidy as this bookcase. The books in this bookcase look quite ancient. This painting made it to the home page of the "Daily Drawing" group for a whilte.

Lancaster castle

A DD prompt "Castle". I visited Lancaster Castle last year and fell in love with not only the castle but Lancaster itself. A wonderfully historical city with a lot of charm and quaint streets.

11 July 2006


Had lots of fun doing this one in art class. We splattered gold acrylic all over the finished painting and even wrote our signature in gold paint (albeit I was a bit apprehensive about the splattering, but once I got the hang of it there was no stopping me). I wouldn't mind at all doing a botanical series using similar techniques.

02 July 2006

Chinese fowl

I loved doing this one and experimenting. I flicked masking fluid onto the background and then did a wash. At the end I also flicked ink at the bottom of the painting to representing feed. The rooster has very long legs, but apart from that I am quite pleased with this fun watercolour.

Chinese Frogs

One night a few of my friends gathered around and experimented using chinese painting and a very good book. This is how mine turned out (second time around). All in all, it was great fun experimenting