28 December 2010

Eynesbury - ThreeSixFive Challenge (Dec pt1)

I love visiting the "breakaway" town of Melton called Eynesbury. It is so picturesque with old buildings, shacks and lots of blue stone to photograph. I particularly like the little shed (? butchers) with hanging hooks.

17 December 2010

Advent scarf

I'm busily participating in an Advent Scarf KAL through Ravelry. We receive a new clue/ instruction every day up to Day 24. To date I am around 15 days behind - I didn't realise I had so many activities on in December that keeping up would be so difficult. I will finish the project, but not before Christmas, perhaps in the New Year.

06 December 2010


I recently bought some tatting shuttles from an estate, and to my surprise they arrived today and there was a lot more than expected! There are metal ones, bone ones and plastic shuttles. Now I just need to get motivated and do some more tatting.