24 June 2013

Sourdough Workshop

A long time between posts.  I've been doing a little too much photography and not much else.

I attended a Sourdough workshop over the weekend at http://www.prickleberrysourdough.com/; I highly recommend not only the class (which is in Ballarat), but their food accompaniments.  As a bonus Prickleberry Sourdough will be opening a cafe in a couple of weeks too, serving delicious homebaked food.

We made a couple of different loaves (including an olive and sundried tomato loaf).  I now have a culture (reminds me, I must date it and see if we can keep it going for a long, long time - the record is over one hundred year).  I am very keen to continue making my own bread, although being a family of six we do devour quite a bit of bread throughout the week.

Here is a montage of the day.