23 December 2007

Some more newly finished craft

A 2008 calendar, the other six months are on the reverse side. Each month is represented by a photo (mainly of my children) and each important date on the month is marked with a diamente.

Here is a closeup of my Christmas tree and if you look hard enough on the left hand side you will see a lace Christmas cone I made- it's hiding because it's far from perfect :(

In 2007 I participated in the wonderful TAST challenge. I chose do to the sample stitches on this piece of hand felted fabric. Next year it is a "Take it Further" challenge - for details go to

22 December 2007

Birthday Book

Here is Birthday book I made thanks to a Scrappit project.

18 December 2007


Inside folder

I think by the time Christmas is finished I will be well and truly over wooden decorations. Anyhow, here is one of two folders I made for my childrens' teachers as part of their Christmas present.


14 December 2007

More Christmas decorations

Here are some more Christmas decorations. The countdown to Christmas tree is still missing a star - I am waiting to find the right star, not any star will do!

07 December 2007


One of the Christmas decorations I made this year - very quick and easy using a Kaiser wooden "Joy" and paints. I basically copied the design straight out of the Kaiser Workshop booklet.

26 November 2007

Lace Gifts

I received this gorgeous bobbin and keychain from a lovely lady in Leeds, UK, Alison Dews. She is a renown Lace maker and teacher and author. The bobbin is an early one made by David Springett and the key ring is a White Rose.

23 November 2007

Christmas Serviette

Here is one of eight serviettes I made for this year's Christmas meal. It's in the shape of a Christmas tree but opens up to a half circle serviette (when you think about it, a half circle sits better on your knee than a square/rectangle serviette). I also intend to make matching placemats.

My Quilting group took this on the challenge to make the serviettes and to have a "show and tell" at our Christmas break-up. I can't wait to see how the others turned out because we all chose different fabric.

13 November 2007

Madelene's 8th Birthday

With my arm out of action for a while, it's a bit different finding one-handed crafts but I managed to do this layout without too much trouble. It's my youngest's 8th birthday/

10 November 2007

Flower Stitcher foot

Had a quick play today with my new Flower Stitcher foot. There is so much this foot can do - it's just left to time and imagination.Here's the above sample which is now distressed with also UTEE and netting.

07 November 2007

Lace Fan

I really enjoyed making this fan, it was quick and easy, but (I think) very effective. Now I just need to find a box frame for it.

25 October 2007

Felted Rabbit

Here is a needle felted rabbit I attempted thanks to a Joggles workshop. Needle felting is extremely relaxing albeit, dangerous. The number of bloody pricks I gave myself! Ouch.

09 October 2007

Tyvek Beads

I had so much fun making these - I didn't believe they were as quick and easy as others say.
I'm not sure how I will use these, perhaps make a few more and made a beaded fringe to attach to a picture.

06 October 2007


Here is an ATC challenge I completed for PaperArts

03 October 2007

2007 Rugby League Premiers

For the second time since our existence in 1998 (1999 and 2007) WE WON the League. Yes, I am proud of my boys.

25 September 2007

Go Melbourne Storm

My football team (rugby league) had made it to the Grand Final this Sunday. JUMPING UP AND DOWN. This is our year.

Melbourne Storm is the only rugby league team in my State and it is probably more common to support another code of football AFL.

I don't have a photo of the whole team to share on my blog but here is a photo from the NRL site of the Melbourne Storm Leadership Group (Dallas Johnson, Michael Crocker who is my favourite player, Matt Geyer, Cameron Smith and Cooper Cronk).
Go Purple, Go Storm!

07 September 2007

Pretty as a Picture

An ATC I completed for a monthly challenge for Yahoo PaperArts.

04 September 2007

Crocodile Hunter

One year ago saw the tragic death of a legend - Steve Irwin. I think everyone loved Steve, he had a wonderful sense of humour and did a remarkable job rehabilitating animals.

I remember 4th September 2006 - I was picking my children up from school when someone rang me to ask if I heard the news. I was dumbfounded, he was immortal!

Thank you Khakhi man for the joy you brought me.

31 August 2007

What a Lady

Diana, Princess of Wales died on Sunday, 31 August 1997 following a car crash in Paris. Whilst I am not a Royalist, this lady was special. She broke the boundaries by touching the hearts of many AIDS patients and made herself approachable to the general public.

Diana was a wonderful and loving mother who's life unfortunately was cut very short.


29 August 2007

Lunar eclipse

Last night many Australians stood outside to get a better glimpse of the full lunar eclipse (first one since July 2000) that turned the moon blood red. Unfortunately where I live, the moon was hiding behind cloud.

Anyhow here is a BRILLIANT time lapse photo by James Cult

20 August 2007

Crocheted Choker

This is a crocheted choker I recently completed using Jenny King's fantastic quick pattern. I really like the necklance but the scan doesn't do it any justic at all.

12 August 2007


I'm chuffed, I received this lovely blogger Award yesterday from somone who's email address I don't recognise - I'm sorry I don't know who you are at the moment, but please let me know so I can thank you.

03 August 2007

Art Doll

I received this STUNNING Midsummer doll from Lizzzzzzzzzzzzy - it is exquisite and I love it. Don't you think sh'e gorgeous.

01 August 2007

Altered Canvas

Here is a picture of a gorgeous canvas which three other talented artists contributed - thanks to Pam, Glenda and Heather.

18 July 2007


Here is another vase I finished through Joggles - I really enjoyed making this vase, I like the skeleton leaves and fibre, and grey netting and............


Here are some figurines I made with a Paverpol-like mixture. As can be seen by the photo, they are hanging from my ceiling. They represent two dancing figurines.

13 July 2007

LP Bowl

Here is a fruit bowl made from an old album/LP - I threatened to use one of my husband's albums, must to his disgust.

Anyhow, I got the idea from a You-Tube site, and this was way too easy to make (in fact all the kids made one too).

05 July 2007


Here's an ATC I completed today - the background was done through a Joggles Class.

02 July 2007


Here is my finished project with some inchies from an inchie swap. ANZ Art has very talented ladies, some of whom participated in this swap and I thank you for these wonderful inchies. My canvas will always remind me of this group.

29 June 2007

Mulberry concertina folder

Yes, another Joggles project. I had so much fun with the mulberry bark, stretching and dyeing it. When the ties are undone (note the silk cocoons on the end of the ties) it opens up to a folder.

28 June 2007

Textured vase

Here is a textured vase I made through Joggles - I love it (although it's more decorative than functional). I intend making quite a few more

23 June 2007

Alice in Wonderland

Well it took me a couple of decades to revisit this book but I finally did it. I didn't want to be beaten by Lewis Carroll.

I struggled with the storyline the first time around, however seemed to almost understand it more this time (and I read the book within a few hours). In fact, I thoroughly enjoyed the chapter on Mock Turtle - I chuckled numerous times whilst reading this.

Overall I think because my imagination isn't too developed, I still struggled with the book's nonsensical storyline (albeit to a lesser extent).

My 9yo is now reading the book, hopefully she can explain it to me.

21 June 2007

Here is another Joggles project I completed - a journal. The cover is made with tissue paper (dress pattern) and wool felt, tulle and stitching.

20 June 2007

Tissue paper book

Here is another Joggles project I recently completed. I made a notebook using an old novel, dyes, muslin, skeleton leaves, tulle and lots of other bits and pieces.

The first photo is of the coloured muslin, the second photo on the muslin embellished, and the last photo is the finished product.

17 June 2007

RIP Daisy

I have some very extremely sad news. A dear cyber friend, Daisy Lupin has passed away quite suddenly. Daisy, from UK, has crossed my paths in quite a few groups and swaps.
Daisy, may you have peace. My thoughts are with Lydia and her family. xx

14 June 2007

Firey Lace 1

This is a really quick piece of lace I recently completed. Whilst simplistic, I just adore coloured lace - it gets me away from all that white!

11 June 2007

Tissue Fabric Paper

I am doing my first online workshop/classes with Joggles and enjoying it immensely. Here is a sample of some tissue fabric paper I recently made.

10 June 2007

The Dalai Lama of Tibet

Where do I start, this is the highlight of 2007. Yesterday I went to the 14th Dalai Lama of Tibet's teaching in Melbourne on Universal responsibility. There were well over 10,000 people there, listening intently to each word spoken. A truly remarkable man with a wonderful sense of humour! A man devoted to the wellbeing of all, a compassionate man.

I left a few minutes early and started to walk out when another lady and myself were told to stand aside for a minute and then the Dalai Lama, a passenger in a car, drove right past us (3' away), clasped his hands and bowed to us individually whilst he was leave the venue. The girl next to me told me we were blessed and I certainly felt that.

It has been approximately ten years since I last saw the Dalai Lama and I will probably not see him again. You are truly an inspiration.


"The basic source of happiness are a good heart, compassion and love" The Dalai Lama

30 May 2007

Surface Tension

I just purchased this fantastic book called "Surface Tension - Embellish and Stitch for the Creative Textile Artist" by Dale Rollerson from The Thread Studio (www.thethreadstudio.com).

Whilst I don't know Dale I am a very happy customer (love her shop and customer service provided) and this book is full of wonderfully creative ideas and techniques. "Do yourself a favour" and have a look at her website.

29 May 2007

Goodies in the Mail

Today I received the beautiful Celtic Goddess Brighid from Gemma. Unfortunately the scan doesn't do her justice - she is amazing and has the most lovely red hair and beautiful beads. Gemma, she's just gorgeous - thank you very much. xo.
I also received this gorgeous notebook, decorated by Claire - you are extremely talented, it is wonderful. And as an extra bonus, Claire sent me some of her felted beads - I love them too Claire. Thanks again, xo.

I really have been spoilt today.

26 May 2007

Here are two jumpers I knitted for African AIDS babies. I actually felt quite proud making these jumpers as I am contributing to something worthwhile in this universe, until I heard the organisation had received 20,000 jumpers already - and the two jumpers I knitted took around one month (yes I do have other projects on the go simultaneously).

Babe jumpers

I finally completed two jumpers for AIDS babies in Africa - I felt quite proud of my accomplishment until I heard the organisation has received around 20,000! To think it took me one month to make these jumpers (mind you, I have lots of other projects on the go).

20 May 2007

I've been Tagged

I've just been tagged by Lila http://indigopears.blogspot.com/- here are 7 random things about me.

1. My favourite colour is Purple, followed by silver and red.
2. I am a twin (supposedly younger by 5 minutes but my sister and I argue about this all the time).
3. I have twins just turned 9 (plus two other children 14 yo and 7 yo).
4. I can read tarot cards.
5. I am a devotee of the Dalai Lama and can't wait to see him next month.
6. I LOVE Melbourne Storm and have followed them since they joined Rugby League.
7. I have had many jobs in my life including Practice Manager, my own beauty business, Medical Secretary, and am currently a Human Resources Manager.

I am now tagging Shelly - check out her great blog at http://shellsblogspot.blogspot.com

16 May 2007


Some lovely goodies I received in the mail yesterday, I felt like a child opening a birthday present! These charms are all so lovely, yet individual. A big thank you to Julie H for organising this wonderful charm swap. Now I must find a chain to attach the charms.