26 June 2012

Munch's The Scream

I have always admired this painting by Evard Munch and I thought what better way than making it into a Cabochon as part of a crochet-long on Ravelry.  The pattern was provided for the CAL but I must admit I did quite a big of diggery-pockery to make it look a bit better.  The colour scheme isn't my favourite but it complements the colours of the painting

Now this is a brooch I will be proud to wear.....

20 June 2012

La Dentelle Torchon mat

I finally finished this mat, which only took around four months (obviously not continuously working on it).  The pattern is by Martine Piveteau and I found it very easy to work once it was started, with 30+ pairs of bobbins. 

Who knows, one day I may even get around to mounting it on fabric so I can use it as a mat (now if anyone knows of a fabric mounting business please let me know as I will gladly pay someone to do this for me).

19 June 2012

All-In-One Quiche

This is a wonderful quick recipe for quiche from my lovely talented Lace Teacher, Jill.  Someone said it sounds like a frittata (possibly could be, but this recipe only has four eggs).  The nice thing about this recipe is it doesn't have the heavy pastry:

Jill's Quiche
4 eggs
125 gm chopped bacon
125 gm grated cheese
1 medium chopped onion
½ cup SR flour
1½ cups milk

Mix all together and put in a 20cm pie dish.
Bake 180C for 40 minutes.

18 June 2012

Jelly Babies

What does one take photos of when the theme is "Babies" - jelly babies of course!  This was a very difficult subject matter because of the transluency, but anyhow here is my result.

Eat on....

17 June 2012

Muesli Muffins

Today we made Sharyn's Muesli Muffins (again).  This appears to be a no-fail recipe.

2¼ cups untoasted muesli
1½ cups milk
1¼ cups self raising flour
1 apple, skin on and grated
¾ cup brown sugar
1 egg
1 teaspoon cinnamon.

Preheat oven to 190C
Combine muesli and milk, and stand for 10 minutes
Add remaining ingredients and stir until just combined
Divide mixture into a greased twelve-hole muffin pan and back for 20-25 minutes.

11 June 2012


As part of a top-down project started last month at my spinning group, I decided to knit this poncho with handspun Corriedale.  The pattern is from Knit Ponchos Wraps and Scarves by Jane Davis.

The yarn was very old and scratchy, coated Corriedale handspun and cable plied.  I soaked it in Borax dissolved with warm water and it is much softer now.

Ponchos bring back fond memories for me from the early 1970's.