30 January 2009

EL and Merino

I cannot believe I am spinning in this heatwave. I need another hobby that I can do in summer!

Moseley Park's EL "Rainbow"

Minihaha's spun purple merino
Moseley Park's spun EL

Both spun together.

20 January 2009

Cabled spinning

Here is my attempt at cabled spinning - I just loved doing this but I imagine it takes a lot more fleece compared to two ply. I find the yarn is smoother and thicker (which is great for me because I spin so finely).

18 January 2009

Merino-Angora handspun

Purchased top from Ixchel

Single ply

Plied on itself. It now looks like mud. In future I will ply with a solid colour so as not to distort the beautiful dying.

12 January 2009

Feathers and Fan Shawl

A recently completed Feathers and Fan Shawl, by Jane Thornley. Unfortunately not all the yarn shines through in this photo but I used some magnificant arty yarn (some homespun) including one with sequins and another with glitter.

11 January 2009

New camera

Woo hoo - I have a new digital SLR and I'm in love with it. I had a choice between a new spinning wheel (I already have three) or a DSLR (I have three other cameras as well).

Here is a photo I took at St Kilda's Luna Park of one of their amusements. I have such a lot of experimenting to do now with my new camera.