28 May 2006

Clifton Springs

This is the result of a Helen Cottle workshop. She is an extremely talented watercolourist. The painting is of Clifton Springs, near Geelong. It is a watercolour from a photo. The photo was beautiful however it's not an appealing subject to me. I added the boat for a bit of interest. Still having problems scanning my paintings (I don't seem to have a problem scanning other pieces of work, just paintings).


Once again the scanning is not good. This is another watercolour, of a farm (no where in particular). It's a bit "yellowy" for my liking, but that is the effect required.

27 May 2006

Trunk Bay

This is a quick watercolour painting I did for the Wet Canvas WDE challenge today. It is of Trunk Bay. I am sure if I had a lot more time this would be a very interesting painting.

26 May 2006

Classical quickies - "B"

This one was obviously very rushed and I'm not happy with it (but I can't tear the page out of the journal). Anyhow it's done. I may go back and do another "B" someday.

Classical quickies - "A"

As part of an ongoing series aim at building skills to become a better artist we start with "A". I drew this anchor which I am quite happy with.

25 May 2006


I did this assignment for WetCanvas. Peering through limited space (viewfinder) was very difficult and frustrating. Everything appeared elongated, compared to normal visition. Initially I drew in pencil and later with watercolour. I am very please with this perspective.

22 May 2006


Here is a watercolour painting I did for wet canvas. I am very pleased with this one.

17 May 2006


A watercolour of father and son beach/surf fishing. I really like how the beach turned out and am particularly pleased with the tree (I used my new mop brush). Unfortunately the scan is not very good (my stitching is visible).

15 May 2006


An EDM challenge is to draw something associated with "Mum". Call me cynical but I drew a broom and mop, housework never stops, not even on Mother's Day.

Pansy challenge

This is a Wet Canvas challenge, well it's my interpretation of a lovely photograph of a pansy.

04 May 2006


Chinese coin