27 September 2010


Springtime is a wonderful time of year. There is a variety of blossoms blooming, magnolias are out and newborn animals are happily playing. Spring is also a sign that winter is over and warmer weather is approaching.

14 September 2010


One of my all time favourite flowers is the Magnolia. Whilst it is around for very long, it is such an appealing flower from bud to the end of its life. It comes in a magnificant variety of pink, and today I found a white version (naturally I took lots of photos and will share these later).

I really like the way my Polaroid SLR captured this picture. The photograph has a "vintage" appearance, which naturally a result of the Polaroid.


I love this knitted necklace. Pattern and supplies thanks to http://www.dairing.com.au/. I must admit though, it was a real bugger to knit because it is knitted in very thick elastic. I like it because not only is it unusual but also versatile; the three "charms" can be repositioned and/or removed as necessary (I actually fell in love with this necklace with just a white charm).

13 September 2010

Go Ask Alice

I saw this book recently in a book shop and just had to buy it. I remember reading it as a teenager "Go Ask Alice" and I must admit the book did not affect me so much the first time around; being a parent of teenager(s) obviously has a lot to do with my reaction the second time around.

At the end of the book I felt very drained and failed to see how one sentence affected me so much. However, analysing my feelings I was upset that this girl never experienced things in life she should have - a steady loving relationship, fun, laughter, marriage, and even children. This girl could have been my best friend or daughter because I got to know her so well and I think that is why I felt sad at the end.

I intended giving this book to my children to read, however I don't think they are ready for the harshness of the world. I think I will keep them wrapped up in cotton wool a little longer.....

08 September 2010

Julie Goodwin

I cannot believe I just bought a - are you ready for it - COOKBOOK! I admit I am no great cook but fell in love with this book and think the author's recipes are simple yet divine. The book is a pleasure to read, with some lovely photos, and "scrapbooking" pages.

Julie won Australia's MasterChef and has gone on to publish her book of family recipes - again simple (which suits me down to the ground), but scrumptious. I first saw Julie on her TV show "Home Cooked" (I did not watch MasterChef because I am not a cook) and printed off some of her recipes from the website with good intention.

Thank you Julie for inspiring me to cook; I would love to do a Julie & Julia type blog where I attempt all your recipes (perhaps I could call it "Liz and Julie"). It's a start for me.

Now I'm off to ponder Asparagus with poached eggs and hollandaise (if only I had an appetite, but that's another saga)

02 September 2010

ThreeSixFive Challenge - August

Here is my contribution to August's photography challenge. Blossom is out and it's such a glorious time of year for photography; we are almost past winter now.

Fancy Fishnets

Finished another Ravelry KAL - this time the pair of socks is called Fancy Fishnets, and the pattern is provided by Knitters Brewery http://www.knittersbrewing.com/. The socks are knitted in Opal.