26 February 2011


More photos from the weekly challenge.

First one is Torquay. Funnily, I remember the trees from a childhood memory when we used to visit Torquay during our holidays. It was a long trip to the beach back then, now it is just over one hour away.

This is a photo of Jack looking out at the Bay at Williamstown.

25 February 2011


Here are some photos from my weekly photography challenge.

The first one is of our lab., Bauer (named after Jack Bauer, 24). BTW, our cat is named Almeida (after Tony Almeida, 24) - we are some die-hard 24 fans.

I didn't realise how old the dice were until I took this photo! -

Just happened to stumble on Chinese New Year celebrations and also just happened to have my camera with me - here is one of the many dragons.

24 February 2011

Roman, The Love Bird

Finished my "Roman The Love Bird" crochet-along, thanks to Dawn's generosity for supplying the pattern (Dawn's website is found here http://dawntoussaint.blogspot.com/). The nice thing about this pattern is that each bird can be so individual, and embellished any way.

22 February 2011

Alveoles Lace Bobbin Mat

I completed this lace mat last night (apart from mounting on fabric). The mat IS square although it doesn't look so in the photo - I obviously took the photo on an angle.
Interestingly this pattern was not difficult at all and I really enjoyed making it.

My next lace project will be a fun piece - a Dragon.

20 February 2011

Family Jewels - Completed

Well I certainly enjoyed knitting these socks. The heel was probably one of the best I have ever knitted, and the cuff was unique and not your standard rib. I can't wait to do the next KAL (which has a beach theme!).

10 February 2011

TIAS - It's a Plane, It's a Plane

It's finished and it is a plane! I had no idea up until the end what this tatting along would turn out to be. Thanks Jane for running the challenge, it was so much fun with easy-to-manage clues.

09 February 2011

Family Jewels Pt4

I just love these socks and the heel is awesome, very pretty and so easy to do! The added jewel bling to the sock just makes these so pretty. It is also good to say I am on track with the KAL and actually waiting for clues to be released!

06 February 2011

Coleraine Blacksmith's Cottage

Here is the same photo in colour and B&W. I never thought of changing it to greyscale, but I think because of the age of the building the B&W is more appealing.

03 February 2011

TIAS Pt 7 and Pt 8

Completed parts 7 and 8 - only two more parts to go. I have no idea what this will be (although I think I may have scanned it upside down??)

Family Jewels Pt3

Phew! Finished clue 3 just in time! I found this one took quite a while to knit but at least I'm up to date, ready for clue 4.