31 March 2010

Diamond motif

Finished another quick-and-easy motif. This motif can be found at http://lady-lace.blogspot.com/. Tatted in Lizbeth thread; is there anyone who doesn't like this thread?

Motif #10 for 25 Motif Challenge

30 March 2010

Social Butterfly KAL

Ahhh, the feeling of satisfaction when one finishes a project. Here is my beaded sock KAL complete and in the drawer, ready to wear in cooler weather. I am amazed that I actually finished the KAL one day after the final clue was given, and that it took just under one month to knit; the quickest pair of socks I have knitted.

29 March 2010

Duaflex photography

Here are two photos I recently took using an old Duaflex. I just love the "vintage" feel the photos have, particularly the spade. I will definitely be experimenting a lot more with this technique, particularly now that I have made my contraption to reduce the amount of light entering the field.

Lemons - Polaroid

My first photo taken with my new (albeit, second hand) Polaroid SX70. I am already beginning to love this camera; I just wish the film was readily available and cheaper.

26 March 2010

Cup Trio

I have a lovely collection of china cup trios; you know what I mean, china tea cup, saucer and matching plate. This is my latest addiction, it's by R & D Balmoral, circa 1892-1909. It is beige & cream fine china with a hand painted floral design, in lemon and purple, and finished with a beautiful gold trim

25 March 2010

My dear friend in the UK Allison Dews made this gorgeous Czech bird. It is just stunning with a variety of differing stitches and fillings, and differing threads . I have found the perfect place for it - it takes pride of place in the largest of my nest of tables, safely protected under a glass sheet.

24 March 2010

My Family and Other Animals

I have just finished reading a lovely light-hearted and humourous autobiography by Gerald Durrell “My Family and Other Animals".

The novel discusses Gerald’s childhood with his three siblings, moving from England and growing up in Corfu, with emphasis on his eccentric family and animals. Gerald collected and studied wonderful creatures including tortoises, scorpions, butterflies and bats to name a few, and these adventures are highly descriptive and fun to read.

His mother was adorable, and very little seemed to phase her. The impression I got about her is she instilled very few boundaries but, by the same token, was totally dedicated to her children and non-judgemental about them.

I didn’t want the book to end and do recommend it.

21 March 2010

ThreeSixFive Challenge March Pt2

Part two of my 365 challenge for the year. These photos include a recent visit to Southbank, my High Tea at the Windsor (I recommend everyone does this at least once in their lifetime), and visits to various laneways in Melbourne.

19 March 2010

Glitter Socks

Finished another pair of socks - I must admit I didn't enjoy knitting these; they are in navy blue (I'm not fond of navy nor black). Thankfully the glitter stripes sparkled them up a little.
I used the magic loop, knitting two socks on the one circular with a toe up method.

17 March 2010

ThreeSixFive Challenge March Pt 1

I had fun taking photos for the 365 Challenge this month. It involved a few nice trips to the country and to my favourite Cafe!
Here are my photos to date.

16 March 2010

English Country Garden CAL - March 2010 #2

I finished crocheting three of the second motif for the country garden CAL, this time it is a Begonia.

14 March 2010


I had a wonderful day today. I caught up with a dear friend whom I have known for over 20 years. We had a lovely lunch at Armadale and browsed in Antique shops thereafter. The weather was glorious - you really couldn't wish for a more perfect day. And to top it off, I also went to Chapel Street and picked up my latest, and probably one of my most exciting, additions to my cameras - a Polaroid SX70 SLR.

12 March 2010

Social Butterfly KAL - Clue #3

The clues are coming in fast now, I'm barely keeping up but managed to finish clue 3 before clue 4 arrived. There are lots of beads in this clue, and on the body of the sock which is something new to me.

10 March 2010

Social Butterfly KAL - Clue #2

I managed to finish clue two on time - it's getting very interesting now with a lovely pattern is starting to emerge.

09 March 2010

Free Time.

What does one do when they have reduced the family size from four kids to none - PARTY!!! My sister and BIL generously took three of our children to Queensland for one week (visit their blog to see their fun-filled adventures at http://www.theatkinsonkids.blogspot.com/). The fourth child just did his own thing and was away for a lot of the long weekend.

Over the recent long weekend, my husband and I did many things including movie watching (saw three excellent movies - Shutter Island, Men who Stare at Goats and, the most brilliant, Hurt Locker). We experienced different cuisine (and discovered two wonderful restaurants in our town) including Thai, Indian and Penang. We visited a few different retro markets including the Mill Market at Geelong and the infamous Camberwell Sunday Market. And to top it off we had coffee and cake at my all time favourite (and retro) cafe in Bacchus Marsh - Baby Black.

Here are a couple of snaps of the cafe:

04 March 2010

Social Butterfly KAL #1

Here is the beginning of my KAL, at the end of clue 1. I think I am going to enjoy this knit-along; I love the yarn and the pattern so far.

03 March 2010

English Country Garden CAL - March 2010

Yep, yet another CAL/KAL to participate in. I couldn't resist this one - I am hoping to have enough motifs to make a shawl or scarf at the end of it.

Here is the first flower motif - Jonquil - by Amanda Perkins.

02 March 2010

Social Butterfly KAL

I just can't help myself. I have signed up for another KAL; this time a beaded sock KAL run by http://www.knittersbrewing.com/. I can't recall making beaded socks before so this will be an adventure.

I purchased the merino/nylon yarn from http://www.moseleyparkhome.com/- I just fell in love with the colour plus the customer service from Jane is superb!

More sock posts later once I start the KAL.