25 October 2007

Felted Rabbit

Here is a needle felted rabbit I attempted thanks to a Joggles workshop. Needle felting is extremely relaxing albeit, dangerous. The number of bloody pricks I gave myself! Ouch.

09 October 2007

Tyvek Beads

I had so much fun making these - I didn't believe they were as quick and easy as others say.
I'm not sure how I will use these, perhaps make a few more and made a beaded fringe to attach to a picture.

06 October 2007


Here is an ATC challenge I completed for PaperArts

03 October 2007

2007 Rugby League Premiers

For the second time since our existence in 1998 (1999 and 2007) WE WON the League. Yes, I am proud of my boys.