28 June 2008

A photo of some rocks/pebbles I took recently for a photography challenge. I just love thexture of the rocks.

22 June 2008

Art Canvas

Two art canvas' which I painted with many, many backgrounds (aka Paulette Insall's wonderful techniques) and added a couple of pics.
Whilst this is very time intensive, I thoroughly enjoyed making the canvases and I just love the "circles" added to the background, what a wonderful idea to brighten up a background.

17 June 2008


Gorgeous webbed feet I recently photographed. I got "up close and personal" with the goose.
I have loved photography since I was 18, when I was snapping rock stars using my first SLR, a Zenith. I must admit now though I sometimes get a bit disillusioned when looking at photographs because I am unsure what has been altered with Photoshop/ sharpened/ whatever and what is an unadulterated photo.
I have Photoshop but do not use it, maybe I'm a purist?

15 June 2008

Shawl pin

Here is a shawl pin I made a while ago from a knitting needle. I have made a few of these but my favourite one (and I can't find it at the moment) is one made from a white needle - I always get comments when I wear it with a scarf.
I also have many bracelets made from needles in the same fashion, and get comments too (only from "crafty" people though who actually know what it's made from.

14 June 2008

Corriedale wool

Some more handspun wool (single ply at the moment). This is some Corriedale which is YEARS old but is still in fantastic condition when I recently spun it. The breeder coated her sheep thus the fleece was beautiful and clean, such a joy to spin. I only need to fill another bobbin and ply it.

12 June 2008

Jane Thornley vest

Here are the three sides of my KAL Jane Thornley's Sunset Bolero vest all ready to sew the seams and add a trim. I adore the texture and different stitches.
I just love Jane's patterns and will be doing another of her KAL's shortly.

05 June 2008


Here are two beanies I knitted using the kit provided for the KOGO (Knit One Give one) challenge. All items knitted by volunteers are donated to the disadvantaged. There is plenty of wool left to make another two beanies.