25 April 2006


An Inspire Me Thursday challenges as to find the art in the everyday - can't get much more everyday than a chocolate wrapper, paperclip and label!

Red shoes

Wizard of Oz was one of my fave movies as a kid. Loved everything about it. I drew Dorothy's shoes for Mad Hatter Monday challenge - unfortunately the wonderful red glitter shoes don't scan as glitter!

20 April 2006

Altered Spring Daffodils

For the One Step Further symmetry challenge I scanned a watercolour painting and added borders around it. It then looked too plain so I added some punchies to try and spruce it up. I found it difficult working with lines around a drawing, it was almost too clinical for me. This was definitely a challenge!

18 April 2006


EDM challenge - something found on a nature walk. I found beautiful, fragrant lavender

17 April 2006

Spring Daffodils

I think most people like daffodils. This is a watercolour dones for Inspire Me Thursday and One Step Further.

14 April 2006

Australian Wildlife #5 - Blue Tongued Lizard

A wonderful reptile which can be, within certain restrictions, kept as a pet.

One Life

A prompt from a creative group, this poem is sums everything up. I believe if half the people in the world believed this, it would be a much better place.

Lightning storm

A DD challenge - I used my favourite colour combination purple and pink

13 April 2006


Madhatter Monday - Bullies. This is a drawing of a pit bull terrier bully - half dog half girl. I remember a girl in primary school who bullied and taunted me for quite a while. Back then though we just had to deal with it. Schools didn't have policies and people weren't as educated as now. I just got on with life, and the details are very sketchy now but I don't hold a grudge.

11 April 2006

Creation, Youth and Age

An Inspire Me Thursday "A Series of Art" challenge entitled Creation, Youth and Age (aka Egg, Duckling, Duck). I had so much fun doing this, in fact I found it very challenging designing the piece but I am extremely happy with the outcome.

Australian Wildlife #4 - Pelican

Cat's eyes

This DD challenge was to draw something black. Although it didn't scan very well, here is my cat's eyes.

10 April 2006


Another of my groups "One Step Further" where I combined a photo and paint together - very unusual for me. A very textured appearance of a castle.

06 April 2006

Botanical study - February

The rose! Not one of my favourite flowers, much to the shock of most. My favourite flower is a tulip but it's difficult to find one in February! In any case, the rose is a lovely flower to paint with such a variety of colours.

Lava lamp

Mmmmmmmmmmm, lava lamps - I remember these well. I had one or two and they never seem to last very well. I still adored them though and am very tempted to buy one and give it another try.

Botanical Study - January

I fell in love with a botanical study by Edith Holden. She did this last century in the form of a diary and everything about it is divine - from the drawings, to the information to her exquisite hand writing. She motivated me to put together my own little study of flowers. On my evening walks I have opened my eyes to the world of plants and pick one a month to study. The scanning is not clear because of the textured journal paper.

Australian Wildlife #3 - Platypus

Such a shy animal and difficult to find in its natural surroundings. Any photos of the platypus should be cherished because of the scarcity. It was a pleasure reading up on such a beautiful mammal.


Another DD challenge was to draw something spiral in shape. This was obvious to me - the shape of a shell is spiral, such a wonder of nature.

The spiral is associated with regenerated life and is an ancient symbol. Each phase begins, moves to a climax and comes to conclusion only to move into a new experience as the process begins again.

Colour Study - Green

Not one of my favourite colours however it is fun playing with different tones.