16 February 2013

TIAS 2013

I completed (and almost on schedule) the 2013 Tat It and See Challenge by the very talented, and generous, Jane Eborall.  Have a look here http://www.janeeborall.blogspot.com.au/ to see her wonderful tatting.

The challenge was provided in short segments, 11 in total, and here is a collage of the progress throughout the challenge:

.. and the end result - a pram:

07 February 2013

Larundel Mental Asylum

Went to Larundel in Bundoora this week.  This "mental asylum" was built in the late 1930's and decommissioned over a decade ago.  Today there is a new housing estate at the back of the old derilict buildings.  Armed with my camera I candidly took photos of the five or so remaining buildings which are riddled with graffiti and shattered glass.  An eerie yet exciting day trip.

Playing with a "ghosting" effect - if you look carefully you may see the ghost on the right side of the following photo.