18 October 2009

Material Dolls

Two cloth dolls I made - the first one is called "Annie". I chose to make her in antique-like fabric and she is wearing pantaloons under her dress.
The other doll is a Giraffe doll (sorry but I can't credit the designer as I forget her name). The giraffe is carrying a bag and if you look carefully you will see she has a baby in her bag. It was quite therapeutic "stamping" the fabric to get the giraffe-like print.

15 October 2009

October CAL

Here is October's crochet squares done and completed. Two more months to go, the countdown begins. It's been quite a big commitment for me. The photo is rather dark (it's a cold, dark day today).

13 October 2009

Tatted bookmark

Here is a tatted bookmark recently finished. I love the design, thanks to Kersti Anear http://www.kersti.com/. The thread is Raj Mahal's thread and it has a magnificant sheen IRL.