30 May 2007

Surface Tension

I just purchased this fantastic book called "Surface Tension - Embellish and Stitch for the Creative Textile Artist" by Dale Rollerson from The Thread Studio (www.thethreadstudio.com).

Whilst I don't know Dale I am a very happy customer (love her shop and customer service provided) and this book is full of wonderfully creative ideas and techniques. "Do yourself a favour" and have a look at her website.

29 May 2007

Goodies in the Mail

Today I received the beautiful Celtic Goddess Brighid from Gemma. Unfortunately the scan doesn't do her justice - she is amazing and has the most lovely red hair and beautiful beads. Gemma, she's just gorgeous - thank you very much. xo.
I also received this gorgeous notebook, decorated by Claire - you are extremely talented, it is wonderful. And as an extra bonus, Claire sent me some of her felted beads - I love them too Claire. Thanks again, xo.

I really have been spoilt today.

26 May 2007

Here are two jumpers I knitted for African AIDS babies. I actually felt quite proud making these jumpers as I am contributing to something worthwhile in this universe, until I heard the organisation had received 20,000 jumpers already - and the two jumpers I knitted took around one month (yes I do have other projects on the go simultaneously).

Babe jumpers

I finally completed two jumpers for AIDS babies in Africa - I felt quite proud of my accomplishment until I heard the organisation has received around 20,000! To think it took me one month to make these jumpers (mind you, I have lots of other projects on the go).

20 May 2007

I've been Tagged

I've just been tagged by Lila http://indigopears.blogspot.com/- here are 7 random things about me.

1. My favourite colour is Purple, followed by silver and red.
2. I am a twin (supposedly younger by 5 minutes but my sister and I argue about this all the time).
3. I have twins just turned 9 (plus two other children 14 yo and 7 yo).
4. I can read tarot cards.
5. I am a devotee of the Dalai Lama and can't wait to see him next month.
6. I LOVE Melbourne Storm and have followed them since they joined Rugby League.
7. I have had many jobs in my life including Practice Manager, my own beauty business, Medical Secretary, and am currently a Human Resources Manager.

I am now tagging Shelly - check out her great blog at http://shellsblogspot.blogspot.com

16 May 2007


Some lovely goodies I received in the mail yesterday, I felt like a child opening a birthday present! These charms are all so lovely, yet individual. A big thank you to Julie H for organising this wonderful charm swap. Now I must find a chain to attach the charms.

15 May 2007


Madeleine McCann is an English girl abducted from where she was sleeping over one week ago (holidaying in Portugal). If you do see her, please notify authorities immediately.
Can all bloggers please put a photo on their blog to help find this poor little girl. As a community we should all work together. She is somewhere, and every little bit helps.

13 May 2007

Name Tag

My weekend piece of craft - a nametag I made with an Ancient Echoes kit. I think it's very cute.