25 August 2006


Another art class "group" project. A waterfall, somewhere in New Zealand. I'm not happy about the brownish water (although the photo had brown water) but think I have "mastered" the rocks. Guess I could have been a bit adventurous and changed the water colour. This is not a picture I chose to paint therefore I found the commitment very difficult

08 August 2006

Jack Sparrow

Who can resist Jack Sparrow. The magic eyes, the voice and impish look. NOT ME. What a pirate!


As a kid I remember watching "Kimba the White Lion". It's the only cartoon I ever really liked and to this day, I still remember "Kimba". Although my recollections are now rather vague, I still remember being moved by "Kimba" and found it quite sad to watch at times. Nevertheless, it nearly always had a happy ending!

06 August 2006


Another art class project. This is one of my all time favourites paintings of mine to date. I adore the colours in the shading - very little brown to be seen here. Although the colours may not be representative of nature, the yellows and purples add such a pretty contrast.