31 August 2007

What a Lady

Diana, Princess of Wales died on Sunday, 31 August 1997 following a car crash in Paris. Whilst I am not a Royalist, this lady was special. She broke the boundaries by touching the hearts of many AIDS patients and made herself approachable to the general public.

Diana was a wonderful and loving mother who's life unfortunately was cut very short.


29 August 2007

Lunar eclipse

Last night many Australians stood outside to get a better glimpse of the full lunar eclipse (first one since July 2000) that turned the moon blood red. Unfortunately where I live, the moon was hiding behind cloud.

Anyhow here is a BRILLIANT time lapse photo by James Cult

20 August 2007

Crocheted Choker

This is a crocheted choker I recently completed using Jenny King's fantastic quick pattern. I really like the necklance but the scan doesn't do it any justic at all.

12 August 2007


I'm chuffed, I received this lovely blogger Award yesterday from somone who's email address I don't recognise - I'm sorry I don't know who you are at the moment, but please let me know so I can thank you.

03 August 2007

Art Doll

I received this STUNNING Midsummer doll from Lizzzzzzzzzzzzy - it is exquisite and I love it. Don't you think sh'e gorgeous.

01 August 2007

Altered Canvas

Here is a picture of a gorgeous canvas which three other talented artists contributed - thanks to Pam, Glenda and Heather.