16 September 2006


This was a longish term project using crepe paper. I originally saw some wonderful pieces in a shop and contacted the artist as I desperately wanted to learn this technique, and after a search on the net found nothing. She devised this technique herself - Karen is such a talented lady and has done many wonderful pieces. Anyhow, I did the dolphins with crepe paper and glue, added some coloured stones, and painted it. Unfortunately the scan isn't too clear because of the shine. It's a very long process but I love it.

05 September 2006


A watercolour of Venice. Not one of my favourites because of the colours, but nevertheless it's complete and on to the next one.

03 September 2006


A Daily Drawing challenge - a very simple pencil sketch of a mushroom.


A Daily Drawing challenge - "bag". I saw this bag whilst shopping last weekend and fell in love with it and had to buy it straight away. I love the intermingle of blues, browns and other colours, the metal embellishments, the size, the shape, and everything about it. It also helps that I have a bag fetish.


Another Daily Drawing challenge. The painting is of a drawing I really liked; it's a view from inside a cave looking out onto the shore.


An Illustration Friday challenge "safe". I guess I took the word literally. Drawn with graphite.