28 October 2008

Bamboo fibre

I just LOOOOVE getting mail. Here is yummy bamboo fibre I received today from EGMTK - can't wait to spin it and I know exactly what I'm going to ply it with.

26 October 2008

Chrysanthemum Lace

Here is my first attempt at a Chrysanthemum lace lappet - the spider ground is riddle with mistakes but towards the end of the sample I knew what I was doing wrong. If I ever choose to make another piece of this type of lace I think I will have a better understanding next time.

20 October 2008

Inga crochet bag

I finished this bag today - yeah. It's called Inga and it has many crochet squares from a gorgeous discontinued cotton yarn. I might even use this as my normal handbag.

Metallic ply handspun art yarn

Here is some art yarn I recently completed. Firstly I hand dyed the fleece (? merino) purple, then spun the fleece and plied it with commercial charcoal metallic yarn. I like the thin/thick texture of the yarn as well as the shiny effect.

09 October 2008

Handspun yarns

Here is some recently completed handspun yarn. I am really enjoying the "freeness" of art yarns. -

Plain Polwarth

Polwarth, spun with sequins

Art yarn - purple texture

02 October 2008

Isabeau Purse

This is a picture of a knitted purse I recently completed as part of a monthly bag challenge. Got to love those bag challenges.