28 February 2009

Fabric crochet bowl

Using Laughing Purple's project as inspiration, I completed this crochet bowl using old sheets which were torn into 1" strips and joined together.
It now sits proudly on one of my crystal cabinets for keys etc. to be stored in.

18 February 2009

Flowering tree

I took some close up shots of a flowering tree from our garden - it's the only "bright spark" in the garden at the moment; besides, I will use anything as an excuse to play with my DSLR.

17 February 2009


I shared this picture before - I made quite a few of these bowls for teachers' Christmas presents last year and filled them with sweets and covered in cellophane - very effective and a reusable bowl at that. This is recycling at its best. Once you have finished with the vinyl records (or pic,l some up from the Opp Shop for cheap, where I obtained these bowls) there are many items you can make with them.

Here is a bangle I made from an LP - you can see the grooves and it's certainly a conversation piece.

Handspun yarn

Here are two balls of recently spun wool. The pink is a glorious corriedale sliver (purchased from Moseley Park) which I navajo plied. The darker is an East Fresian and Merino handspun.

15 February 2009


A photo of our Lab. It's very difficult taking photos of a dark/black subject but I think this photo of BAUER turned out very nice (yes, he is named after Jack Bauer from 24 and our cat is named ALMEIDA are Tony Almeida from 24).

11 February 2009

Victorian Bushfires

Thank you to all my overseas friends who have been concerned for my safety during the devastating bushfires here in Victoria, Australia.

I am very safe, probably around 2 hours drive from the nearest fires. To date, there are over 180 women, men and even children who have lost their lives in this disaster, hundreds and hundreds of homes have been gutted and contents destroyed, and countless domestic pets and wildlife has been lost. These communities have to rebuild from scratch.

Please spare a moment to think of these people and what turmoil they will be going through.

07 February 2009

Knitted bathmat - recycled fabric

I did this project as part of a KAL/challenge - it was fun finding the material (cotton sheets), ripping them into strips and then joining them to knit the cabled bathmat.
I used gigantic needles (15mm) and knitted the bathmat in 40+ degree temperature (I thought this would be a cooler option than knitting with wool).

05 February 2009

Crochet of the Month - January

I started a CAL on Ravelry, crocheting two squares per month. Here is January's attempt which also shows my colourway (i.e. three colours).