27 March 2009


I quite like this photo of a building reflection imposed on another building. I submitted it to a weekly challenge I occasionally participate in.

The building is in Melbourne and the sun just appeared at the right angle to cast an image on to another building.

25 March 2009

Possum and Merino handspun

Here is Possum and Merino blen which I handspun. The possum is from New Zealand where it is a pest (don't know how such a cute think can be a pest, but apparently it is).

24 March 2009


Woo Hooo. I received my first spindle yesterday and isn't it just gorgeous, thanks to Mel at http://www.strandedinoz.blogspot.com/ . Spindling certainly isn't as easy as it looks, I have no problems with my wheel but this is a completely new process for me.

Hand dyed fleece

I went to a girlfriends and we dyed my Finn-X using food dye - I just LOVEEEEEEEEE this colour. Now it needs to be carded, perhaps mixed with some silk or glitz.

17 March 2009

Crochet of the Month - March

Here are my two squares for March's CAL for the Ravelry group. I just loved doing the 3D rose, I think it is very effective (and much easier to do than expected).