28 March 2011

Art Yarns

I just had the most enjoyable weekend I have had in a long time and met (and made) some wonderful new friends along the way.

A group of us attended Lexi Boeger's (aka Pluckyfluff) art yarn class at Footscray. For those who do not know anything about the talented Lexi, have a look here http://www.pluckyfluff.com/. We made numerous different yarns over the two days, even more techniques than are shown here (I didn't attempt the tail spin nor fabric - I want to do the former in my own time and I have done fabric spinning before). I am so inspired at the moment.

I look forward to meeting my new friends very soon - in fact we will be meeting monthly xx.

Core spinning and knots -

Navaho plying (eats up yarn) -

Mohairy (gets up your nose) -

Core spinning/quick coils/plying -

Here are some other photos from the workshop - have a look at Janet's awesome Tail spin (she is wearing it).

23 March 2011

Lace Bobbins

Here are my latest two bobbins - yes, they are rather presumptious but if something happens to the wedding plans from now until the wedding date, my bobbins will be collector items. BTW, I'm not a royalist but rather I like to take advantage of adding to my bobbin collection.

20 March 2011

All nubbied out...

I'm going to a two day Camp Pluckfluff workshop next weekend - I am very excited about it and have been waiting patiently since I booked in late last year. I have all my supplies together HOWEVER,I'm rather sick of making these felt nubbies (I'm not sure if I have enough, but I just can't make any more).

14 March 2011

Green Grocer

Another CAL finished on track. This is a shopping bag for a Ravelry group - saves on using those nasty environmentally-unfriendly green bags.

10 March 2011

Belfrey the Bat

Belfrey the Bat - Another wonderful Dawn Toussaint pattern. I crochet him in homespun and hand dyed BFL.

05 March 2011

Cabled Globe Ornament

Here is March's Christmas KAL completed - a Cabled Globe Ornament knitted in Patons Jet (I particularly liked this yarn because of the colour variegation). I also love the DOF in the photo using my fave 35mm Nikon lens.

Spilling Over

The March theme for the Sketchbook Challenge is "Spilling Over" http://sketchbookchallenge.blogspot.com/. The first thing that came to my mind was a strawberry plant, full in fruit, hence the sketch. I always struggle with backgrounds so thought I would include a poem by Debby Rosenberg.