27 November 2011

Big Snowy Owl

This was an incredibly quick and easy project to knit up - mind you, it is EXTREMELY large.  If I was going to redo it I would use the same chunky yarn but instead of a size 12mm needle I would probably go down to a 10mm to make it a tighter knit.   Anyhow, it is sitting on my bed very alert.

Click here to check out the pattern http://www.purlbee.com/big-snowy-owl/

18 November 2011


I have made many bowls and bangles from used LPs, purchased on my Opp Shop travels. After discussing various crafting ideas last night over coffee and cake, with a group of lovely ladies, thought I would share two photos. The LPs are easily heated in the oven and then moulded or cut to design.

12 November 2011


Went out with my photography group last night and took photos of the sunset from a field in the middle of no where. The sunset was spectacular, and magically appeared and disappeared just as fast.

Note to self - must wear sleeves next time I do a night shoot so I don't get eaten by mozzies!


I'm not one to overlook a photo opportunity, even of a small doll run over by a car!

08 November 2011


This is one of my favourite Zombie photos, taken two weekends ago. This Zombie was extremely tall (I'm assuming he was on stilts) but I wasn't not game to either get up close to have a look, nor ask him.

I have also entered the photo in a weekly competition found at http://www.iheartfaces.com

02 November 2011

Art Yarn - Beehives

They say imitation is the greatest form of flattery. ..........

After spinning a skein of beehive yarn I was wondering what to do with it - I didn't think there was enough for a hat - and then I remembered seeing beehive yarn in a frame. I thought I would also try to do this - I'm sorry I can't remember where I saw it or who originally made it, to give the credit where it is due, but who ever you are rest assure I made this only for my benefit and not to sell.

Here is my beehive yarn before and displayed in the frame -