22 March 2007

Getting to Know You: You, Me and Creativity

Jana has asked some thought-provoking questions this month, thanks Jana for the opportunity to answer them.

List 3 random facts about you, that we will be entertained by:
I go nuts when I see a spider, panic attacks, screaming etc. etc. Once I refused to get out of a parked car because there was a spider on the outside and my friend literally shoved me out the door!
Whilst I love meeting new people I do get a bit embarrassed at first when there’s silence.
I’m really a neat freak.

List 2 things about you, that are important for us to know:
You want to be my friend, I will be a loyal friend providing you do nothing wrong by my children or me (my husband can defend for himself LOL).
I love animals and will do anything for them (except for spiders!)

Do you like board games? What are some favorites?
I have to be in the mood to play there, there are too many other things to do. If I do play, it’s usually two fab UK games “Only Fools and Horses” or “Countdown” (not the Oz musical)

What are your non-artistic hobbies?
All my hobbies/interests are artistic, painting, photography, scrapping, patchwork, altering, lacemaking, sewing etc. etc. Although I do like fishing and love aerobics (just don’t have the time)

Do you collect anything?
Are you kidding? Carlton ware, carnival glass, Swarovski crystal figurines, colour pencils, Melbourne Storm swap cards, sea glass, anything really.

What types of art do you enjoy creating the most?
Lace, painting and altered work

Do you have a type of art that you've always wanted to try, but never done? What is it?
Would love to try anything textural orientated or perhaps stained glass.

Do you have any art "how to" sites that you would recommend to us? What are they?
Just look at lots of art blogs.


Tammy said...

I'm so with you on the spider thing! YUCK!! Scary, etc! Why do we need spiders is what I'd like to know!! Fun answers!

Anonymous said...

That made me think of a song! From the "King and I". It's called Getting to know you. ;) I'm allergic to Spiders...personally..they scare me. *Shutters*

Jana B said...

*Jana's inner ADHD child whispers "Spiders are scawwy!!!!"*

I hate akward silences too!!! They flip me out and make me fidget!

Thanks for joining the fun! :o)

Tammy said...

Neat freak...me too. I enjoyed how hubby can defend himself. lol You are very artistic, I'm green with envy :)

LisaOceandreamer said...

I'm with you on the spider thing, you have no idea! I once couldn't leave my bedroom to get ready for work because one was above the door - I thought it would drop on my head. I feel very foolish admitting it but it's a real phobia!
And yes art, art, art, art!!!!!!