19 April 2007

Moo Cards

I received my Moo-Cards today and think they are fabulous and I can't believe how quick they were to receive! I will use them when I participate in swaps as a "calling card" and may even trade some if others are interested.

Here is a few of them.


Angie said...

They look great. Thanks for sharing. Mine are on the way. I can't wait.

Anonymous said...

Wonderful! Theu are outstanding!

Lisa said...

Oh they're so cool!!

One Creative Queen said...

I wasn't going to order any until I saw yours - they are TOO COOL! Thanks for sharing - I love what you picked!

And as for the rest of your blog - I'm loving what you post! I've bookmarked it - so now I have another spot to drool over!

judie said...

Aren't they just too kewl! I have some too. Everyone who sees them loves them!

Sue said...

Oh you lucky thing! These are just beautiful! I LOVE THEM.
Have a great day
Sue x