20 June 2007

Tissue paper book

Here is another Joggles project I recently completed. I made a notebook using an old novel, dyes, muslin, skeleton leaves, tulle and lots of other bits and pieces.

The first photo is of the coloured muslin, the second photo on the muslin embellished, and the last photo is the finished product.


Janet said...

Very pretty! I love the colors. And what a good idea using an old novel as your base.

judie said...

That's great! You always use such gorgeous colors in your art!

Eva said...

The notebook and the colors are great!!!

lila said...

What a lovely book cover!
I just posted my Midsummer fairy doll for Lizzzy (I'm giving it to her tonight) on the Hello dolly blog. Take a look if you have a minute!

Anonymous said...

Ohhh how beautiful! You did an absolute GREAT JOB! Ohhhh thanks for sharing it with us! How wonderful!