23 December 2007

Some more newly finished craft

A 2008 calendar, the other six months are on the reverse side. Each month is represented by a photo (mainly of my children) and each important date on the month is marked with a diamente.

Here is a closeup of my Christmas tree and if you look hard enough on the left hand side you will see a lace Christmas cone I made- it's hiding because it's far from perfect :(

In 2007 I participated in the wonderful TAST challenge. I chose do to the sample stitches on this piece of hand felted fabric. Next year it is a "Take it Further" challenge - for details go to

22 December 2007

Birthday Book

Here is Birthday book I made thanks to a Scrappit project.

18 December 2007


Inside folder

I think by the time Christmas is finished I will be well and truly over wooden decorations. Anyhow, here is one of two folders I made for my childrens' teachers as part of their Christmas present.


14 December 2007

More Christmas decorations

Here are some more Christmas decorations. The countdown to Christmas tree is still missing a star - I am waiting to find the right star, not any star will do!

07 December 2007


One of the Christmas decorations I made this year - very quick and easy using a Kaiser wooden "Joy" and paints. I basically copied the design straight out of the Kaiser Workshop booklet.