26 September 2008

Castella Spinning Wheel

Here is my new pride and joy - my Castella spinning wheel. It was made by Jim de Castella from Victoria. He made around 1500 and sold some to Japan and America. His wheels are made from either pine or locally sourced blackwood and all are uprights. The flyer has three whorls on the whorl, and the ratio depends on the band. Jim recognised the need to reduce friction on a wheel and included ball bearings everywhere on the wheel, even where they can’t be seen and there is no need to oil his wheels due to this. Towards the end of his career Jim made the wheels more portable. In his heyday, Jim used to show his wheels at the Royal Melbourne show. A Japanese lady bought one (she was related to the Emperor) and word of mouth in Japan resulted in many more sales there.

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Anonymous said...

I also own one of these lovely wheels but, to my shame, have never used it. Too many other things going on. Mine is pine and untreated. I bought it from Jim at his home in the hills about 20 years ago. Now we are moving I am going to sell it. It seems such a shame to put it on ebay. I'm glad you are enjoying yours, Arty Lady. Spin for me, too.