11 December 2009

Lace Mat

Completed my lace mat (69 pairs of bobbins). Once it is blocked/pressed I think it will look good. The pattern is Carre de dentelle aux quatre paves de points fantaisie and I experimented with the Schneeberg finishing technique; I am most happy with this technique although I have no way mastered it yet.

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Patricia said...

Well done and well on the way to mastery! That is a significant piece of work. I must say i was a little surprised that you intended to block and then press the finished lace. In my book blocking is the best finishing there is. I like that it doesn't get flattened. Although, on the other hand linen lace is best "mangled" which is to wash it and roll it smooth with a rolling pin or other larger device for large items like sheets and tablecloths. But cotton and linen have different properties.

Your friend will be delighted!

PattyD from InTatters