24 March 2010

My Family and Other Animals

I have just finished reading a lovely light-hearted and humourous autobiography by Gerald Durrell “My Family and Other Animals".

The novel discusses Gerald’s childhood with his three siblings, moving from England and growing up in Corfu, with emphasis on his eccentric family and animals. Gerald collected and studied wonderful creatures including tortoises, scorpions, butterflies and bats to name a few, and these adventures are highly descriptive and fun to read.

His mother was adorable, and very little seemed to phase her. The impression I got about her is she instilled very few boundaries but, by the same token, was totally dedicated to her children and non-judgemental about them.

I didn’t want the book to end and do recommend it.

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Liyarra said...

Art Lady have you read his other books????

Durrell is on of my favourites!!!