13 May 2010

Life Drawing

Last night a friend and I went to a Life Drawing session at Yarraville. Although very cold, it was a lot of creative fun and I thoroughly enjoyed it. The last time we both went to a life drawing was almost four years ago; hopefully it won't be this long next time! The lady who ran the session was very friendly and wanted everything just right for the artists and models. Details can be found at http://www.inkandlead.com.au/. The models were lovely and oh so patient, maintaining their poses for anywhere up to 15 minutes. No, they were not nudies but almost burlesque in costume. I experimented with graphite, pencil and colour. The person next to me was using ink and a brush and got some amazing results - I think I may try this next time.

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lila said...

I think this must have been a wonderful evening! I need to draw more. Having live, patient models would be so inspiring!