13 September 2010

Go Ask Alice

I saw this book recently in a book shop and just had to buy it. I remember reading it as a teenager "Go Ask Alice" and I must admit the book did not affect me so much the first time around; being a parent of teenager(s) obviously has a lot to do with my reaction the second time around.

At the end of the book I felt very drained and failed to see how one sentence affected me so much. However, analysing my feelings I was upset that this girl never experienced things in life she should have - a steady loving relationship, fun, laughter, marriage, and even children. This girl could have been my best friend or daughter because I got to know her so well and I think that is why I felt sad at the end.

I intended giving this book to my children to read, however I don't think they are ready for the harshness of the world. I think I will keep them wrapped up in cotton wool a little longer.....


BSOTF said...

Arty Lady,
You will know when is the right time to give this book for your kids to read. It's going to be a wonderful gift for them from their loving mom!

Vanessa said...

I remember this book from when I was about 11 years old. It gave me nightmares.

Perhaps 11 is just a bit too young, as I did not understand the concepts.