25 October 2010

Urban Graffiti

Graffiti always amazes me. The time, effort, and expense creative artists put in to work, often unrecognised and (at times) unrewarded. A while ago I discovered this artwork in Richmond Victoria but it was only this weekend when I had the foresight to photography it, fear of one day it being vandelised. Unfortunately I do not know who the artist is, I only hope his/her talent does not go unrewarded.


BSOTF said...

Arty Lady,
Such artist normally leave their tags on their work. So those who know them know who done it. However unless they have premission to do it where you saw it, it is normally illegally done. Like here in America, they do such work on like trains or other places that they don't have premissions to do it. Some rare times people are actaully hired to paint such buildings & other things. Which everyone thinks is really cool work that they do. However there are signs of who done those if you know what to look for on each of them. I hope that where these were, they was done legally & where everyone can enjoy them!

Sue said...

There really are some clever artists out there who do grafitti work isnt there. The last pic is amazing!

Lillabilly said...

I have absolutely loved graffiti since my early teens. I agree, the amount of skill in some of the pieces out there is amazing! Thanks so much for sharing these.