26 April 2010

Torchon Lace

I'm jumping up and down here!!!! I finally finished making the two bobbin lace mats for my friend's birthday (last year). For the last few months of the year I have basically been concentrating on finishing the mats. I'm very relieved they are complete, now I can concentrate on some other crafts for a little while at least. My spinning has been a little neglected and I would like to do some more tatting and Carrickmacross.

The first one is from Lace Express (I think the designer is Monique Potoms, but I am not certain). It is made with 39 pairs of bobbins and 50/2 Egyptian.

The second, and larger mat, is a gorgeous pattern from Alison Dews in UK, titled Hexagon Star. This has 48 pairs of 40 Finca.


I attended a Caricckmacross Workshop on Saturday held by the Victorian Lace Guild. The tutors. Leonie and Vicki, taught us how to make this lace and here is my very first piece. I must say, I really did enjoy making this lace and have now started my second piece, using the same design.

Unfortunately because of the nature of organdie and net,doesn't scan very good. But this will give you an idea of the finished product.

Thanks Leonie and Vicki.

22 April 2010

My Heart Aches

A post not about crafting, but about how I am torn up inside.

My heart bleeds, I am a shattered person, yet I can't shed a tear. My beloved MELBOURNE STORM are nothing more than cheats. How could you! Two premierships 2007 and 2009 have been stripped from us, three minor premierships, and our dignity. You lied, you overpaid players, you breached the salary cap - and you were deceitful, not only to your fans but to yourself! Don't you know winning is not everything but it's how you play the game. Yet I still love you and will still support you, I will still be there at the games, I will even still be a member (if there is a Club) - even though your actions are against all my beliefs!

Brian Waldron you are the instigator, a traitor - what goes around, comes around. You showed very few leadership qualities; let's hope the Rebels remove you before a repeat.

10 April 2010

Burberry-Inspired Cowl

I fell in love with the Burberry-inspired cowl neck scarf and decided to spin the yarn to make it. Juliannesmith kindly provided the patternfound at http://www.thegartergirl.com/2009/12/04/free-knitting-pattern-burberry-inspired-cowl-neck-scarf/

The fleece was purchased from Karen at http://www.etsy.com/shop/WoolznYarnz Because the yarn had to be soft and possibly be worn next to the skin, we decided on BFL.

It was a BIG challenge for me because the pattern required the yarn to be thick, and I can only spin thin yarn. I managed to complete the final bobbin at my spinning group and plied them together at home. The end product was some seriously soft yarn, all ready to knit into my cowl

And here it is knitted into the cowl. Roll on winter...............

Torchon Bobbin Lace Mat

Here is a photo of a second mat I am making for my friend's 40th (December last year). Not long to go until the set is complete (she has two tables, not three as previously thought). The pattern is by Allison Dews, from UK.

07 April 2010

Retro watch

I haven't worn a watch for over 10-15 years; I don't like being tied down to time. Anyhow, I fell in love with Carol's leather work and asked her to custom make me a watchband (70's design). It arrived today and I am just besotted by it - I love it dearly. Please do have a look at Carol's designs at http://www.etsy.com/shop_sold.php?user_id=6546708

01 April 2010

ThreeSixFive Challenge March Pt3

The final part for this month's 365 challenge. I had fun experimenting this month with Polaroids (636 and my latest addition, SX70), DSLR (and hues/saturation) and TTV.