19 December 2011

Christmas Gifts

It has been a long time between posts.  I have been busy trying to keep up with my KALs and making Christmas gifts - here is a sample of what I have made.

Firstly, some Goats Milk Soap with French Vanilla.  I must say the soap smelt nice before adding the oil, but smells even nicer (if possible) after the few drops of Vanilla were added.   This was my first attempt at making soap and I got my supplies from http://www.hobbygalaxy.com.au/soap-making.html.  Next time, when I have a little more time at hand, I will make the soap from scratch.
The next item I made was some Bath Salts with Mandarin fragrance.  Basically I used Epsom salts, colouring and Mandarin oil (pure essential oil, naturally).  Mandarin has some wonderfully beneficial properties including antiseptic, good for circulation and calming.

Lastly, to tie all gifts together I knitted some cotton dishcloths.  If you look closely you will see a picture of a Goat (the purpose of this is to link the Goats Milk Soap to the dishcloth).


Shelly McC said...

You have been busy. These look lovely.

colleen said...

Lovely gifts. Merry Christmas.

Jeff Hardy said...

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