13 June 2010

Pom Poms

I admit the one thing I am absolutely useless at is making Pompoms; I have never ever been able to make them and I have tried numerous times using the cardboard circles and also a newish plastic contraption which was also unsuccessful. What the hell am I doing wrong? They just fall apart or are not fluffy enough.

I did see a totally different Pompom maker on a website so I might buy that one and have a go.

I need over 20 Pompoms for a felted teacozy; at this rate it will be a plain, boring teacozy without the Pompoms.

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Wendy K said...

Some ideas for your pom pon making ...
Wrap yarn until the hole in the centre of the template is quite full of yarn and you can't fit any more in (the diameter of the hole should be approx half the diameter of the template)
After cutting the yarn around the edge of the template, when tying around the centre of the cut strands, use double yarn and tie VERY tightly, knotting securely.
Finally fluff up the pom pon and trim the longish daggy bits with sharp scissors.